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Hair-on hides. Fur fun.
For the trend conscious, you can add fun, flair and fashion to any surrounding. The bright colors dazzle. Beautiful colors on hair. Our unendangered species in natural exotic classics, or pop colors. Cavallini can instantly change a room, create a mood, offer an atmosphere. Chic and glamorous. Fun and flirty. The texture is soft and allows for inventive interiors.

Available Colors 52

17 Available Colors

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Cashmere Calf

The softness of lamb, but much stronger. Lamb hides are small, tiny, and have no fiber strength. But the feel of lamb is superbly soft. We've duplicated the look and feel here on bigger, stronger calfskin hides.
A super soft, aniline dyed leather with a resistant finish for wide possibilities of use.

Available Colors 17

5 Available Colors

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Created to start out as soft as you could imagine it to become over time. An instant friend. The subtle antiquing offers an Old World look, using modern technology. Perfect in a library, a lawyer's office.

Available Colors 5

2 Available Colors

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Big Woven

We have woven... a faux weave.
BIG WOVEN is a stylish look in our lineup. Rich and deep and pure in color. Italian in inspiration, geometric in pattern. Think of it as an easy material to enrich a subtle setting – airplane, yacht, office, auditorium, media room. The colors are simple, classic.

Available Colors 2

4 Available Colors

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Big Foot

A great, totally-natural wild texture undulating throughout the whole hide. Big... bigger grain mixed with smaller – always natural and always soft. A dramatic and strong leather for upholstery. A big bull naturally milled to develop its BIG texture.

Rich, big grain, with a great hand. No other grain leather in our collection comes close to the drama of this big, big grain.

Available Colors 4

1 Available Colors

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Basket Weave

Imagine the fully textured look of woven leather on suede hides. It's a new soft look for woven leather! It's a new look for suede! You could say it's unreal. Really. Try it for wall panels.

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4 Available Colors

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Authentic Woven

We are really weaving now, REALLY weaving. The real deal.

Where old-world techniques still exist and weavers are known as "artisans". The factory is well known among high-end fashion houses, we know, we saw them there.

Available Colors 4

4 Available Colors

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A leather-lover's leather. A rustic, forever lasting upholstery leather.
Artisan mirrors years of aging and patina in a pure, workmanlike vegetable tannage, on specially selected elegant calfskins. The vegetable tannage gives resilience to the leather.

This is a unique calfskin to Edelman. It is hand-finished, Old World style, to give it the look and feel of antique leather. The longer it is used, the more patina.

Available Colors 4

23 Available Colors

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All Grain

Not too big - not too small, just ALL grain. The texture is soft, the look is rich and fresh. Durable for ALL. Great for high traffics areas, priced for all projects.

All Grain is a versatile leather that will enhance every installation because it is tanned slowly to be supple, strong and resilient.

The colors are classics and kept updated to reflect new aesthetics. More lively, more dye, more fun.

The texture enriches any chair or sofa.

Available Colors 23


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