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Archived means we give a nod and smile to our legacy products.

We no longer stock these items, but we can always custom create anything for you. Magic.

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Created to start out as soft as you could imagine it to become over time. An instant friend. The subtle hand antiquing offers an Old World look, that will patina over time.  The modeled appearance allows for an instant luxurious yet cozy setting.


Available Colors 5

4 Available Colors

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Big Foot

A great, totally-natural wild and BIG texture undulating throughout the whole hide. A bigger grain mixed with smaller grain – always natural, always soft, invites a more casual look to any room.  Your favorite pair of jeans of in a room. 

No other grain leather in our collection comes close to the drama of this big, big grain.

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Basket Weave

Imagine the fully textured look of woven leather on suede hides. It's a soft look that makes suede look lively.  You could say it's unreal. Try it for wall panels.  Available on any of our stock Royal Suede colors.  

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4 Available Colors

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Authentic Woven

We are really weaving now, the real deal.

Where old-world techniques still exist and weavers are known as "artisans". The factory is well known among high-end fashion houses, we know, we saw them there.

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4 Available Colors

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A leather-lover's leather. A rustic, forever upholstery leather.
Artisan mirrors years of aging and patina in a pure, workmanlike vegetable tannage, on specially selected elegant calfskins. 

This is a unique calfskin to Edelman. It is hand-finished, Old World style, to give it the look and feel of antique leather. The longer it is used, the more patina.

The ultimate in leather. It epitomizes old school luxury.

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All Grain

Not too big - not too small, just ALL grain. The texture is soft, the look is fresh and the grain is quintessential leather.  All Grain is great for high-traffic areas - priced for projects and durable in challenging situations.

All Grain is highly versatile and will enhance any installation because it is supple, strong and resilient. 

The palette is classic and updated regularly to reflect changing market aesthetics.

Available Colors 23


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