Ruckstuhl for Edelman

Edelman Leather is inspired by the collaboration with the elegant Swiss Carpet manufacturer, Ruckstuhl.  Edelman will be the exclusive distributor for Ruckstuhl Carpets in North America.

Just as Edelman lives and breathes leather, Ruckstuhl lives and breathes natural fiber. Since opening its doors in 1881 in Langenthal, Switzerland, Ruckstuhl has been committed to turning sustainable fiber into art. The warmth of wool, the rugged resistance of coir, the versatility of cotton, horse hair, & linen, the bold texture and structure of jute, the luster of goat's hair — these are fibers Ruckstuhl knows inside and out.

The spirit of Edelman is one of craftsmanship, breadth of choice and devotion to the best quality and customer experience. The success is in the relationships built— from manufacturer to designer to end user —they are a top priority. This aligns with the core values of Ruckstuhl. Making the best quality from the best available raw materials, with an eye and hand for beauty.

Whatever you can dream for your interior space — the color, texture mood, angles shadows, touch, your vision —there is an Edelman leather and a Ruckstuhl carpet for you.