Edelman Leather GREEN practices

ALL EDELMAN LEATHERS are GreenGuard certified

  • Each leather has been tested and approved.
  • Tiles for wall application only.

Edelman leathers are a by-product of the food industry

  • The process begins by recycling the hides of animal.
  • Animals are raised for their meat, one of the many by-products is the hide, which is used to make leather.
  • By using by-products of the meat industry waste is eliminated.

Tanning & Finishing

  • The tanning process is built mostly around water-based material, therefore limitng emissions of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).
  • Many Edelman leathers are tanned solely with tree bark extracts; i.e. Quebracaho, Mimosa and Oak-Vegetable tannage. This is the European green tanning.
  • Italian tanneries have very strict specific emission standards. These standards are enforced by the Italian government.
  • Edelman's finishing Plant in New York State uses no solvent based materials and produces no VOCs as all finishes are water-based also enforced by OSHA.

Raw Material

  • Edelman's hides- raw material- are from southern Europe where grazing land Is limited. The animals live on well kept farms where they are fed, cleaned and put in at more