Edelman EDGE

With over 50 years experience in making the best leathers in the world for interiors, Edelman Leather continues to push the boundaries of innovation in technology and design application.    

Edelman EDGE is a reliable protection against stains and marks without changing the true beauty of leather.  For no extra fee, this exclusive formula is standard on the Edelman “core” leathers; All Grain, Dream Cow, Metallic Dream Cow, Royal Hide, Napoli, Cashmere Calf, and Shagreen.   

These leathers already have a dependable finish, but Edelman EDGE is an additional formula applied to the product which allows the removal and release of stains and spills more easily.

Edelman Leather understands that what makes leather luxurious is found in the various senses used to appreciate it.  The look, the hand and the smell of a natural product like leather, are signs of its beauty; none of which is sacrificed if you choose the EDGE from Edelman.

We are experts in what we do, and we must continue to offer our clients the best service, and a commitment to making the most durable and beautiful leather.

Use Edelman leathers with EDGE in all applications for aviation, hospitality,

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