Archived Products

Archived means we give a nod and smile to our legacy products.

We no longer stock these items, but we can always custom create anything for you. Magic.

All sales are final. No returns, no refunds. Products are sold ‘as is’.

Authentic Woven

Authentic Woven

Authentic Woven – the best of Italy.

We are really weaving now, REALLY weaving.   The real deal.
Where old-world techniques still exist and weavers are known as “artisans”.   The factory is well known among high-end fashion houses, we know, we saw them there.  

Four patterns we loved… “Classic”,“Alessi”, “Balla”, and “Arturo”.
Available in three of our best leathers...Luxe, Artisan, and Napoli.

Chic.  Rustic. Glamorous. Artisan.

Croco Loco

Croco Loco

We have changed the classic look of crocodile leather and cow leather into a happy, colorful,party look.

A tequila collection of party colors. Revolutionary for crocodile.

Note the white and gold, the black and white, or white and black.

Stark – decorative. Or with all the “combination” colors of green and blue or blue and green. (Too much tequila.)

Our crocodiles are from the river Tequila – our imaginary, fantasy hide away.

Joining the crocodiles we have our cows, affected also with a light tequila discoloration, sensational.

City Lights

City Lights

“Raise the Curtain, Light the Lights”

The electric excitement of new product for stage-struck interiors.

Broadway, here we come!

“CITY LIGHTS featuring color, texture, quality, and SHINE glorious SHINE!


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