Croco Loco – Archived

We have changed the classic look of crocodile leather and cow leather into a happy, colorful,party look.

A tequila collection of party colors. Revolutionary for crocodile.

Note the white and gold, the black and white, or white and black.

Stark – decorative. Or with all the “combination” colors of green and blue or blue and green. (Too much tequila.)

Our crocodiles are from the river Tequila – our imaginary, fantasy hide away.

Joining the crocodiles we have our cows, affected also with a light tequila discoloration, sensational.

Our CROCO LOCO drawing is by Andy Warhol, circa 1960.

We filled our crocodiles and cows with Tequila and called them CROCO LOCO & NAPA LOCO. Look at “Them there eyes”! more