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Archived means we give a nod and smile to our legacy products.

We no longer stock these items, but we can always custom create anything for you. Magic.

All sales are final. No returns, no refunds. Products are sold ‘as is’.

Summertime Blues

Summertime Blues

Unlock those summertime blues. 

What is summer but a series of blues that are unique to the season? The beautiful aqua of the pool, the sparkling blue of the lake and the ocean, the shimmery blue of the waterfall and of course the ever-changing blue of the sky. 

No matter what your preference, we have the summer blue for you!

From top to bottom:

Royal Hide Ledo Blue (RH475)

Luxe Calf Waterfalls (LU53)

BARE-ly There

BARE-ly There

BARE-ly There Collection

The BARE-ly there soft colorings. Subtle Greys, and sophisticated pastels.

Imagined into our softest of soft Cashmere Calf. For curvier pieces, soft upholstery, daybeds, chaises, pillows, and even mid-century modern gone chic. Around a dining room table or amidst antiques in a Brooklyn loft.

Croco Loco – Archived

Croco Loco – Archived

We have changed the classic look of crocodile leather and cow leather into a happy, colorful,party look.

A tequila collection of party colors. Revolutionary for crocodile.

Note the white and gold, the black and white, or white and black.

Stark – decorative. Or with all the “combination” colors of green and blue or blue and green. (Too much tequila.)

Our crocodiles are from the river Tequila – our imaginary, fantasy hide away.

Joining the crocodiles we have our cows, affected also with a light tequila discoloration, sensational.



Edelman Leather EXOTICS – All produced with the environment in mind, thoughtfully. We do not stock them, but we can get them for you, for your clients who seek authentic luxury, exotically.  Please contact your rep or call us at 860-350-9600 for more.

Hand Painted - Archived

Hand Painted - Archived

This is a Limited Edition collection of hand painted hides by Selvaggia Armani, an Italian artist, we met in Milan.  Organic and whimsical, Selvaggia’s work seems to evoke a bit of Keith Haring, reminiscent and somehow figurative. She paints with sinuous grace.  

Art is an integral part of our history, with Andy Warhol front and center. With all this passion, art, history and a commitment to all things beautiful, we are inspired by this collaboration where art & design become one

Leather & Lace

Leather & Lace

Reminiscent of Spanish lace handcrafted using age-old techniques - long gone workrooms of Slovakia, Belgium, Hungaria - similar to the way Edelman uses age-old inspired techniques to make leather. Techniques modernized through the use of laser etching and cut technology.

Gutsy & modern…drawing inspiration from:

West Coast

West Coast

SUPERsoft – West Coast Color Collection

The softest of soft calfskins, all natural.

100% pure calfskin, European, full grain, aniline dyed, natural grain.

Colors saturated with natural dyes leaving a soft hand and vibrant hues.


Colors inspired by a West Coast road trip from San Francisco to Burnt Ranch, all natural.

This is the mood of the West Coast.

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