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Meet Stella, the latest star in the Edelman galaxy of superb leathers. This luxurious, tight-grained leather comes with a durable, wear-resistant finish that makes Stella ideal when high performance is a must. Designed for the modern lifestyle where the lines between work and home, kids and pets, travel and leisure, all intersect.

Available Colors 33

9 Available Colors

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All Grain Noir

A glamorous leather, radiant in smoldering, moody hues.

An exclusive finish compounding selected metal oxides and binding resins achieves a metallic plated look, so far only attainable with foils, finally complying with the most stringent upholstery abrasion standards.  Special color effects provide great chromatic intensity with deep undertones highlighting the distinctive grain.

Available Colors 9

13 Available Colors

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Crowned.  Our jewel embossed.

We start with our trusty  “Luv-A-Bull” collection, emboss and wax only.  A rustic base, purest in form.  This means a beautiful patina in a short period of time.

But look at the black, so refined, truly reminiscent of a classic Chanel handbag.

Available Colors 13

13 Available Colors

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From the grassy hillsides in Western Europe, Ranger reminds us of when we first fell for leather. A material that is both rugged and refined; one that not only stands the test of time but responds to it.  It is a full grain leather finished with only aniline dyes and wax. Tumbling the hides burnishes the natural grain structure, which provides great depth to the colors, highlighting the true nature of the leather.  With Ranger, life becomes art.

Available Colors 13

13 Available Colors

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Big, beautiful, natural bull hides, provide the platform for this product.  Aniline dyes and a little wax is all that is required to provide a rich, undulating color across these hides.  The final step is a light protective finish to help the leather resist scratching.  

This leather will scratch and patina from day one, becoming more beautiful every time it is touched.

The palette is masculine but soft, inspired by men’s accessories.

Available Colors 13

6 Available Colors

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American Alligator

We proudly introduce the world’s finest, hand-crafted and most exquisite leather for upholstery and covering use, the American Alligator Collection. 

Available Colors 6

4 Available Colors

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Rustically Refined. Our Royal Suede with metallic dustings that appear to be melted into the hides.

The rustic nature of the suede nap mixed with a subtle glimmer gives the product a cool sophistication that can be used in almost any setting, evoking an understated glamour.  Most suitable for vertical applications and lighter traffic locations.

Available Colors 4

12 Available Colors

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Whole Grain

Big beautiful hides. Natural grain. The look and feel both soft and strong.  With quality and a light finish, Whole Grain becomes a product that provides a lifetime of livability & durability…after all, good leather wears in, not out. 

Available Colors 12

10 Available Patterns

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Add a little texture, find a little fun in almost any of our leathers.  Small patterns for subtle sophistication and the larger patterns are fun with flirty background colors to contrast.  For overall upholstery use as well as insets on seating or wall panels.

Pick a pattern, perf and perfection is plentiful.

Available Colors 10


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