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Archived means we give a nod and smile to our legacy products.

We no longer stock these items, but we can always custom create anything for you. Magic.

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Shrunken Buffalo Bull

The original Edelman Leather. Strong as Steel. Big Buffalo Hides – the hides that inspired it all. Discovered in 1979 - Established in 1981. "It is the strongest, boldest leather in the world," said Teddy when they re-launched the color collection in 1992.  A wonderful leathery leather, with depth and gut.  The texture alone entices a room, naturally so.

Available Colors 4

4 Available Colors

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Texas Weave

Texas Weave is another option for the desired look of genuine.  Originally developed for a favorite client of ours in Dallas, all because of its perfect proportions, the size of the emboss translates beautifully onto any type of upholstery. Not big, not small, just right.  By hand tipping, it looks so real. We treat this engraved leather extra special; a much deeper emboss, then milled to give it a softer hand. A look for your home, loft, lobby, office.

Available Colors 4

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Shagreen, as an opulent material for upholstery and furniture wrapping, has maintained its appeal for centuries.  The irregular, pebbled surface, when tanned and polished just so, creates a unique rich texture that shifts in the light.  The palette includes soft, compelling colors that shimmer and glow, and saturated shades that will add drama to any room.

Available Colors 23

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Siamese Carabao

Hand antiqued metallic. The King of Siam's Collection, originally made on buffalo. This leather is for an accent piece in any room. Oh gosh, not a whole room, but a whole restaurant, yes. Imagine a brushed steel chaise. A look so hard, but when you sit on the steel, bronze, it is soft.  Hand rubbed and antiqued. We've turned this into an old monied look.

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Scotch Grain

A vintage leather revived.  A pebble grain emboss reminiscent of an old Scottish shoemakers discovery, as he fell in love with the texture and made custom riding boots for his royal clients.  Fashion from footwear into interiors.  A classic look now for upholstery.  It is rugged, elegant and considered a comfortable look.  Durable and customizable this embossing can go anywhere.

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Royal Suede

S-s-s-soft suede. Delicious. A lazy, elegant leather with a warm, expressive feeling and texture. A stain and water repellent finish is drummed into the hides at the same time as the leather soaks in aniline colors in old wooden drums.  They take color boldly, keeping in mind they are light sensitive.  A wonderful accent, a soft hand and look.

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Wagon Lit

The look of old sleeping car leather – the look Mr. Ford thought could be luxurious and made in leather was more durable too. Adopted for interiors in rich vegetable tanned hide. An old fashioned leather look updated, still requiring lots of handwork and antiquing.

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55 Available Colors

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Royal Hide

The number one Edelman Leather known as the “gem” is the most popular product in all of our collections.

Available Colors 55

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Russian Modernaya

A modern tannage mixed with an organic cross hatch embossing, for an elegant look, colors rich in tone.  For use in any contract, residential or hospitality project. 

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