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Archived means we give a nod and smile to our legacy products.

We no longer stock these items, but we can always custom create anything for you. Magic.

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Napoli Zig Zag

We take trusted Napoli to new heights with a tailored, plate embossed zig zig pattern. Inspired with its durability this allows new opportunities for high traffic areas.  Custom coloring is the norm.

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This pattern is a nod to the French 1940's "faux bois". Reminiscent of silk lining from the fashion of the 30's and 40's.  The effect is roller embossed onto our soft, water repellent Royal Suede, which means no plate lines.  A wonderful vertically applied accent; soft texture for a dressing room.  Available on any of our stock colors in Royal Suede.

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This trustworthy leather, is independent with its smooth tight grain, requring a higher level quality of raw material.  A staple, base level vegetable tanned leather, durable and rich. Customizable as you wish and suitable in high traffic environments. Great for wall panels, hard surface applications and table tops too.  That's why it is so widely loved and used, versatility with maximum durability and timeless elegance.

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Metallic Dream Cow

How can we give our hard working Dream Cow just a little pop without being over the top? Add a little bit of shimmer to the top of a chic, soft color.  A workhorse quality; durable and chic.  Perfect for high volume, high traffic environments and applications.

Available Colors 18

18 Available Colors

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Luxe Calf

This polished calfskin stands on its own.  An Edelman exclusive.
Rich dyes soaked into the hides then delicately heated and pressed to impart its richness, shine, and depth. A transparency unlike any other, we call it a "see-into" leather.
Only the best hides can be used. It's a long process. It's a laborious process, but this is what creates greatness.

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Kid Calf

Butter soft, aniline dyed, lightweight calfskin in a full color range. It looks and feels like kidskin - only much stronger and a bit larger.  It is a strong, resilient leather with a delicate look of luxury to appeal to the most discerning client. It has a slight protective finish so perfect for a variety of installations.

The ultimate in chic luxury, sophisticated, elegant, and a great hand.

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Jumbo Crocodile

Crocodile is timeless, especially in classic colors.
Our crocodile is a bold, large emboss, for a strong statement, raising the possibilities for its use in executive offices, libraries, dressing rooms – for lawyers, accountants and the fashion-conscious.  A wonderful look in vertical and hard surface applications.

Crocodile and luxury have always been in the same context.


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Dream Cow

The great standard. The cousin to our Royal Hide. Big, beautiful hides, durable and customizable. A slightly heavier finish for heavier duty use. A bit more grain is added to the natural grain to delight. This is full grain plus. A quality leather, tanned and finished as a performance leather, available in any color you can “dream” up. The leather looks and feels dreamy.

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Free Range

A simple, natural leather. A relaxed finish. Subtle, strong, aniline dyed colors on a natural hide. A touch of wax at the end.
Naked to the touch, to the look. A see-all leather, with a light finish.  Created to offer the look of soft calfskins, pure luxury, and a good fit for any residential application, especially soft and supple upholstery.

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