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Archived means we give a nod and smile to our legacy products.

We no longer stock these items, but we can always custom create anything for you. Magic.

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Jumbo Crocodile

Crocodile is timeless, especially in classic colors.
Our crocodile is a bold, large emboss, for a strong statement, raising the possibilities for its use in executive offices, libraries, dressing rooms – for lawyers, accountants and the fashion-conscious.  A wonderful look in vertical and hard surface applications.

Crocodile and luxury have always been in the same context.


Available Colors 8

27 Available Colors

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Dream Cow

The great standard. The cousin to our Royal Hide. Big, beautiful hides, durable and customizable. A slightly heavier finish for heavier duty use. A bit more grain is added to the natural grain to delight. This is full grain plus. A quality leather, tanned and finished as a performance leather, available in any color you can “dream” up. The leather looks and feels dreamy.

Available Colors 27

13 Available Colors

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Free Range

A simple, natural leather. A relaxed finish. Subtle, strong, aniline dyed colors on a natural hide. A touch of wax at the end.
Naked to the touch, to the look. A see-all leather, with a light finish.  Created to offer the look of soft calfskins, pure luxury, and a good fit for any residential application, especially soft and supple upholstery.

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7 Available Colors

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Luster Leather

The dusted metallic sister to our Royal Hide, offering a soft and sohpisticated sparkled essence to any residential interior.  It can be Art Deco. Inspired by the elegant beauty of Hollywood starlets.
Using modern techniques and dyes, we can achieve this look. As if we've given the hides a dusting of pearlescence – it's magical.  At the end of the day its livable glamour.

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4 Available Colors

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Victorian richness restated in subtle suede for contemporary settings. This look is borrowed from Fortuny, a heat roller on fabric, but here embossed on soft silky suede. We always look to the past in life and fashion to reinvent new colors and textures with a modern twist. Available on any of our stock colors in Royal Suede.

Available Colors 4

5 Available Colors

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Distressed Leather

Leather with a natural, outdoor look. A collection inspired by the mellow music of Willie Nelson, who goes on, and on, and on the road again. We had been looking for that leather – a quality leather - already broken in. Full Grain, aniline dyed, vegetable tanned and polished. The colors are dusty and worn. No paints, no corrections – just leather as it was meant to be. Nice hand, rich, lightly rustic.

Available Colors 5

4 Available Colors

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Demi Cow (Night Life)

"NIGHT LIFE" to rock your souls. Hip & Hop.
A collection of seductive metallics full of fire and glamour. You will want to get all dressed up just to look at them.  Metallic foils make any hospitality setting shine like no other.

Available Colors 4

52 Available Colors

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Hair-on hides. Fur fun.
For the trend conscious, you can add fun, flair and fashion to any surrounding. The bright colors dazzle. Our unendangered species in natural and screen printed exotics are classic. Cavallini can instantly change a room, create a mood, offer an inventive atmosphere. Chic and glamorous. Fun and flirty.  

Available Colors 52

17 Available Colors

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Cashmere Calf

We've duplicated the look and feel of soft lamb here on bigger, stronger calfskin hides.

A super soft, aniline dyed leather with a resistant finish for wide possibilities of use, and custom coloring.

Available Colors 17


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