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Archived means we give a nod and smile to our legacy products.

We no longer stock these items, but we can always custom create anything for you. Magic.

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Our most authentic fake – our American Hornback.  

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The magic of the genuine python captured for interior design.  Skins of Real Malaysian Python are dyed in matte or shiny neutral tones, giving an authentic tribal vibe.  Some materials have such a strong unique character that they are at home in the lobby of a London hotel, a SoHo loft, a Parisian apratment, in a castle in Ireland -- this is the story of the Python.

(For California clients - go to Anaconda)

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Mongolian Shearling

Our most entertaining in the shearling soft collections.  Spanish lamb, natural in look and color. It makes you smile.  We stock our natural and offer several other colors to delight.  As you choose its application, go wild, but keep in mind that all natural dyed hair on hide products will fade in light.

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Laser Etched

Leather & Lace is reminiscent of Spanish lace, hand-crafted using age-old techniques. Imagine the long-gone work rooms in the old world Slovakia, Hungary, Belgium. Today, Italian artisans create this look through modern laser etching and cutting technologies. The process is "burning" the hide to reveal a pattern. Laser cut has a peculiar odor that will subsid over time. Inspired by the die-cut felts to elegent chandeliers, and always the fashion runways.

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Kashmir Shearling

Shearling: the SOFT collection.

Spanish lamb, tanned and dyed in fabulous rich, soft tones.  Imagine your own colors. 

Kashmir has that luxurious hand, ironed wool, softer to the touch than you can imagine.

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6 Available Colors

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Curly Shearling

We should call this the SOFT collection. 

Spanish lamb, tanned and dyed and looking fabulous. The best in shearling hides available for interiors. Top quality and artisan crafted colors, customs available too.  

Curly is our thickest shearling to the touch. It's wool is considered "curly", hence it's name.  

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Sueded Buffalo Bull

Shrunken Buffalo Bull adds a gorgeous friend to the original Edelman leather.  With a stain and water repellent finish drummed into the hides as they soak in aniline dyes, this luxurious leather is also practical and versatile. Perfect for big, upholstered pieces such as media rooms, lounge chairs and chaises, this soft, beefy texture is the perfect modern classic and will add a strong elegance to any room.

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Smoothie City Lights

Raise the Curtain, Light the Lights. The electric excitement of new product for stage-struck interiors. Broadway here we come! Featuring color, texture, quality, and SHINE glorious SHINE! Soft, flexible, shiny leather.

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Like the old fashioned two-wheeled carriage it is named for, Sulky provides a timeless and classic look that is both masculine and refined.  The color palette is equally refined and classic, providing handsome choices for a variety of applications.

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