A pillow to go is an accent anywhere. Wonderful to toss on any piece of furniture to create a new and fresh mood. Mix & match.


Stuffed with 50/50 down and feather. 80/20 or Dacron stuffing available upon request. Standard finish is knife-edge. Welting is available in 3 different sizes:Small = 1/8”; Medium = 1/4”; Jumbo = 3/4”. Flange is available. Please specify flange width when ordering. Cavallini (hair on hide) is not recommended forpiping


All EDELMAN LEATHERS are available to specify.


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Product Sq.Ft Dimensions
I X w X h
Knife Edge EFP06

Knife Edge File

6-10 12”x12” 50/50 Down/Feather
Knife Edge EFP07

Knife Edge File

4-8 16”x16” 50/50 Down/Feather
Knife Edge EFP02

Knife Edge File

8-12 18”x18” 50/50 Down/Feather
Knife Edge EFP01

Knife Edge File

10-14 20”x20” 50/50 Down/Feather
Knife Edge EFP04

Knife Edge File

12-16 22”x22” 50/50 Down/Feather
Knife Edge EFP05

Knife Edge File

14-18 24”x24” 50/50 Down/Feather

Kiss File

25 26”x15” w/2-1/2” gusset
Knife Edge EFPL01

Knife Edge File

30 18”x9” 50/50 Down/Feather
Knife Edge EFPL02

Knife Edge File

30 30”x9” 50/50 Down/Feather

Bolster File

30 23”x9” 50/50 Down/Feather

Bolster File

30 32”x16” 50/50 Down/Feather


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