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2018 and our emBOSSed re-collection

We are thrilled to have spent the past few months of 2017 working through ALL of our collections, one by one, color by color, and created an Edelman Leather Master Palette.  It places every product into 1 of 36 color families and establishes the foundation for our color theory and thoughtful transitions moving forward.  Our clients shop by color for the most part, and we know color…it is in our DNA. 

We hope to make you fall in love with leather, again and again.

So now, without further delay, we introduce you to our re-collection of our three favorite embossed products, infused with new color energy.


Shagreen, as an opulent material for upholstery and furniture wrapping, has maintained its appeal for centuries.  The irregular, pebbled surface, when tanned and polished just so, creates a unique rich texture that shifts in the light.  The new Shagreen Palette from Edelman includes 7 soft, compelling colors that shimmer and glow, and saturated shades that will add drama to any interior.

Embossed, vegetable-tanned, and hand antiqued, this embossing is unlike any other in the industry…a client favorite. 

The 15 shades of the Shagreen palette provide the designer with a depth of choices for every situation where the texture and look of the classic print will put the finishing touch on a room.


Like the old fashioned two-wheeled carriage it is name...read more