Why Full Grain?


Edelman Leather was established to cater exclusively to architects and interior designers, to people who want the best. We give individual attention, creating luxurious old-world leather; only FULL GRAIN, leather with soul, and enjoying it. We love making the best.

Full Grain

Full grain leather is leather at its best. We select our hides with a discerning eye. We collect the few and rare hides that do not need any correcting. Our product shows our effort. Our Full Grain leather is the best in the world.

Full Grain leather allows the beautiful natural characteristics, wrinkles & grain, the fingerprints, of each hide to shine proudly. They will patina. They will age well with time, like a wonderful friend, your pieces will become instant heirlooms.

Full grain leather absorbs, keeping you warm in winter and cool in the summer. Beautiful, natural leather is comfortable, it has a scent, and it breathes. Shhhh, if you listen you can hear it.

Top Grain

Top grain leather is the opposite in every way. Otherwise known as “corrected,” “enhanced,” “snuffed,” “buffed,” “bonded” and “polished” leather. Top Grain is just plain ugly.

Corrected leather means that its natural grain has been removed. Its uniqueness and “feel” removed. All natural characteristics have been sanded off, and the hide has been altered at the expense of all the good things leather posses.

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