Kyle Bunting

Partners in Luxury

Edelman Leather features Kyle Bunting’s expansive line of rugs, wall coverings, and upholstery at our showrooms in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Denver, Dania Beach, and London. We are thrilled to display the brand’s extraordinary design capabilities in hide.

With Kyle Bunting, the leading brand of hide rugs and hair-on hide upholstery leather, in our showrooms, we provide a one-stop shopping experience for the finest in luxury leather for interiors. Sharing Edelman’s commitment to inspire and serve the design community, Kyle Bunting’s artistry represents the highest level of quality and craftsmanship. His masterful use of color, texture, and design adds evocative beauty to any interior project.

“Edelman welcoming us into their showrooms and providing the opportunity to show our full capabilities as innovators in hide is extremely exciting. This is an opportunity for two leading leather brands to partner, giving their clients a valuable resource for all of their hide and leather needs in a customer-oriented, boutique setting. There will be no reason to look anywhere else, and we are excited about what this means for our clients,” stated Kyle Bunting.

About Kyle Bunting

Kyle Bunting is widely-known as the creator of the decorative hide rug. For over a decade, he has crafted innovative and luxurious offerings in hide rugs, upholstery, and wallcoverings while offering nearly unlimited custom capabilities. His palette of over 100 hide colors, along with capabilities to create even the most intricate bespoke works of art in hide, have made his Austin workroom a global destination for the category.

His mantra “any size, any shape” gives designers the freedom to incorporate Kyle Bunting rugs that are truly tailor-made for their interior design projects. Kyle Bunting creates the extraordinary in hide.

How do you order Kyle Bunting?

Simple. Call Edelman.