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“A quick guide for measuring and calculating leather footage.”
Leather is measured in square feet. Leather hides come in irregular shapes. Each yard of 36” fabric is equal to 12 square feet of leather. Each yard of 50” fabric is equal to 16 square feet of leather. Each yard of 54” fabric is equal to 18 square feet of leather.
cow hide


shrunken cow


Embossed half hide
Cow Hide
The full grain natural hide of a mature bovine animal.
Half hide tanned with fur on, then stenciled to create unendangered animal species.
  Shrunken Cow
Leather made from naturally shrunken cowhide which has a distinctive grain.


The hide of a young bovine, soft, fine grained, and supple, possessing considerable strength in relation to its weight and substance.
Plate lines appear horizontally along the hide at each noted length. Please see product for specific plate lines.
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