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Big, beautiful, natural bull hides, provide the platform for this product.  Aniline dyes and a little wax is all that is required to provide a rich, undulating color across these hides.  The final step is a light protective finish to help the leather resist scratching.  

This leather WILL scratch and patina from day one, becoming more beautiful every time it is touched.

A color collection inspired by men’s shoes, accessories, briefcases.

Available Colors 13

12 Available Colors

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Royal Aviation

Developed just for the private travel industry, Royal Aviation is a European Full Grain hide, with the advantage of our proprietary EDGE finish, at no additional cost.  These big bull hides are embossed with a light grain to offer a more consistent look, with that famous soft hand and higher yield.

AND…12 colors IN STOCK.  Ready to ship on a moment's notice.  Fast & fabulous!  Custom coloring is available with minimum requirements. 

Available Colors 12

6 Available Colors

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American Alligator

We proudly introduce the world’s finest, hand-crafted and most exquisite leather for upholstery and covering use, the American Alligator Collection. 

Available Colors 6

4 Available Colors

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Rustically Refined.

A new collection involving the infamous Edelman s-s-s-s-soft Royal Suede with dustings of 24k gold and platinum.  The metals appear to be melted into the hides, evoking an understated glamour.

Available Colors 4

12 Available Colors

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Whole Grain

Big beautiful hides. Natural grain. 

The look and feel both soft and strong. 

With quality and a light finish, Whole Grain becomes a product that provides a lifetime of livability & durability…after all, good leather wears in, not out. 

This leather wants to be the centerpiece. It wants to be upholstered on that sectional or set of sofas. It is meant to be used and lived on. Whole Grain owns the room, brings it all together with ease. 

Available Colors 12

10 Available Patterns

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Add a little texture, find a little fun in almost any of our leathers.  Small patterns for subtle sophistication and the larger patterns are fun with flirty background colors to contrast.  For overall upholstery use as well as insets on seating or wall panels.

Pick a pattern, perf and perfection is plentiful.

Available Colors 10

4 Available Colors

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All the best Alligator come from America.  They are called “American Alligator”.  They are sold and coveted for their bellies…so luxurious when tanned and colored just right, by the best.  Made into handbags and accessories for only the top retail collections in the world.

Until then, (that’s a hint), we proudly introduce the world’s finest, hand-crafted and most authentic fake – our American Hornback.   TA-DA!

Available Colors 4

3 Available Colors

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The classic magic of the GENUINE PYTHON captured for interior design...

Skins of Real Malaysian Python are added to The Edelman Leather Collection.

Some materials have such a strong unique character that they are at home in the lobby of Claridges in London, in a SoHo NYC loft, in a hotel particulier in Paris, in a castle in Ireland -- this is the story of the Python.

(For California clients - go to Anaconda)

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5 Available Colors

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Mongolian Shearling

Shearling: the SOFT collection

Spanish lamb, tanned and dyed to perfection. The best in shearling hides available for interiors. Top quality, artisan crafted colors, three choices; soft, softer, and even more soft.

Our most entertaining, Mongolian we stock natural (MON01) It is natural in look and color. It makes you smile.

Available Colors 5

0 Available Colors

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Laser Etched

Reminiscent of Spanish lace handcrafted using age-old techniques - long gone workrooms of Slovakia, Belgium, Hungaria - similar to the way Edelman uses age-old inspired techniques to make leather. Techniques modernized through the use of laser etching and cut technology.

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